Nozzle Trophy2Berikut ini list Trophy yang pernah didapatkan oleh Nozzle Autoclub:

 Sirion With Love Car Contest 2017:

1. The King Nominee
2. The Best Indonesian Car
3. The Best Elegant
4. The Best Custom Paint
5. The Best Wrapping Sticker
6. The Funkie Ride
7. The Best European OEM
8. 1st Engine Rev Battle 4 Cylinder
9. 1st Engine Rev Battle 6 Cylinder

International Automodified Final Battle 2017:

1. Editor’s Choice Award


Simple Autofest 2017:

1. The King
2. The Best Toyota
3. The Best Wide Body
4. The Best Asian Car
5. The Best Indonesian Car
6. The Best Elegant Interior
7. The Best Cabin Audio Design
8. The Best MPV
9. The Best Interior Vibe
10. The Best Elegant
11. The Best Mitsubishi

Jazz Brio Tuning Contest 2017:

1. The King of Jazz
2. The Best Jazz Advance in Technology
3. The Best Jazz Under Carriage
4. The Best Jazz Interior Design

 Garuda Modfest 2017:

1. Best Extended Rims
2. Best Engine
3. Best Racing

Axic Fun Meetup Car & Bike Padang 2016:

1. Best Street Racing
2. Best Street Racing Interior

Generasi Peduli Autofest 2015:

1. The Best Hatchback
2. The Best Carbonetic

HIN Bandung 2015:

1. King Nominee
2. Build to Perfection
3. Car & Model Award
4. Best Interior Extreme
5. Knockout Install
6. Awesome Club Display
7. Best Ford
8. Best SUV
9. Best Stick on Graphic
10. Best Honda
11. The Gigantic Rims
12. Best Custom Bodykit
13. The Hottest American Modified Car
14. The Wonder Wrap
15.  1st Place People’s Choice Best Car
16. Hottest I.C.E

HIN Tangerang 2015:

1. The King
2. The Coolest Indonesian Modified Car
3. Best Interior Extreme
4. Best MPV
5. Best SUV
6. Best Elegant Look
7. Best VIP
8. Best Racing Look
9. Best Roadster
10. Best Honda
11. Best Interior Elegant
12. Best Interior Vibe
13. Best Airbrushed Graphic
14. The Gigantic Rims
15. Hottest Engine Bay
16. The Four Fighter
17. The Show Stopper
18. Knockout Install
19. 1st Place People’s Choice Best Car
20. Car & Model Award
21. Best Driver’s Attitude
22. Keep Up The Good Work
23. The Monochromatic
24. Best JDM Look
25. Awesome Club Display

SumberBan Tangmodfest 2015:

1. Best Paint
2. Hottest Car Display
3. Car & Model Award
4. Best Driver’s Attitude
5. Road Scrapper
6. Best Rookie Honda

HIN Tangsel 2015:

1. Best MPV
2. Best Elegant Look
3. Best Interior Vibe
4. Best Toyota
5. Coolest Indonesian Modified

Creativity YPHB Autocontest 2015:

1. King Nominee 1
2. Best MPV
3. Best Elegant Look
4. Best Elegant Eksterior
5. Best Elegant Interior

SDC Autofest 2015:

1. Indonesian Hottest Car
2. Best Elegant Style
3. Best MPV

AMfest Bogor 2015:

1. The King
2. Color Killer
3. Best Elegant Style
4. Best Elegant Interior
5. Best Elegant Bodykit
6. Biggest Rims
7. Best MPV
8. Best Audio Design
9. Motorized Master
10. Best Toyota

SPL Contest “Car in Love”:

1. 2nd FFA Sedan
2. 1st Expert Class
3. 1st One Brand Class

Smart Autofest 2015:

1. King Nominee
2. Indonesian Hottest Car
3. Best Elegant Bodykit
4. Best MPV
5. 1st SPL FFA Sedan Class
6. 2nd SPL FFA Non Cabin Class
7. 2nd SPL 150,5 Class

Proudio Autosound Battle Desember 2014:

1. 1st SPL Beginner Class
2. 1st SPL Premier Class
3. 1st SPL Amateur Class
4. 2nd SPL Pro Class
5. 3rd SPL FFA Class

SPL Audio Contest Maxtreme2:

1. 1st Place Pro
2. 3rd Place FFA

West Java Automotive Car Show 2014:

1. Best Mercedes-Benz
2. Best Ford
3. The Most Expensive Car
4. Hottest European Car

Sound Fighter Audio Contest Thamrin City 2014:

1. 2nd SPL non sedan


Mechanical Autocontest Surabaya 2014:

1. Best Daihatsu
2. Best Pick-up
3. Best Jeep
4. Best Classic Car
5. Best Classic Stance
6. Best Tattoo Master
7. Owner With Attitude

MGK Otozone 2014:

1. Coolest European Car
2. Best Mercedes-Benz
3. Best Audi
4. Best Illuminator
5. Killer Colour
6. Best Car Display
7. 1st Place SQL Expert
8. 1st Place SQL Junior
9. 1st Place SQL One Brand

EMMA HIN Solo 2014: 

1. 2nd Placed Master 6channel


Mantos Autocontest 2014:

1. Best Rookie MPV


Secret Modified 2014:

1. Best Paint


1 Dekade TKCI Bogor:

1. King Nominee
2. Hottest Europe
3. Best SUV
4. Best Particle Paint
5. Best Elegant Interior
6. Best Acryllic Audio Design
7. The Illuminator

Gafaction 2014:

1. Best SUV
2. Best Paint
3. The Gigantic Rims

Forum Otomotif Soloraya 2014:

1. Best Honda


Britama AutoContest Padang 2014:

1. The Best Sound Car Sedan


EMMA Surabaya 2014:

1. 1st Pure Sound Unlimited Budget
2. 2nd Master Unlimited Budget

HIN Surabaya 2014:

1. Best Non Japanese Restored


GAFaction 2014:

1. Best SUV
2. Best Paint
3. Gigantic Rims

Forum Otomotif Solo Raya AutoContest 2014:

1. Best Honda


Britama AutoContest Padang 2014:

1. The Best Soundcar Sedan


Eurofest 2014:

1. King Nominee 1
2. Best Peugeot
3. Best Peugeot 40 Series
4. Best VW Polo
5. Best Elegant Bodykit
6. The Lowest Bodykit
7. Best Elegant Style
8. Motorized Master
9. Best Hatchback
10. Best Elegant Interior
11. Best Bagage Audio Design
12. Best Cabin Audio Design


PRSU Automotive Contest 2014:

1. King Racing
2. Best Mercedes Benz
3. Best Mitsubishi
4. Superb Touring
5. Superb Street Racing
6. Outstanding Street Racing Under Carriage
7. Outstanding Street Racing Interior
8. Outstanding Street Racing Eksterior
9. Outstanding Street Racing Engine
10. Heels on Wheels

Purist AutoContest 2014: 
1. Best Mercedes Benz
2. Best Honda
3. Best Elegant Style
4. Best Show Stopper
5. Best Cabin Audio Design
6. Best Acrylic Audio Design
7. Best Interior Saloon
8. Best Exterior Saloon
9. Best Engine Saloon
10. Best Rookie Class

EMMA Indonesia Final Championship 2014: 
1. 1st Master OEM (Champion)

Autorave 2013 @ Waterboom PIK: 
1. King Nominee
2. Best Toyota
3. Best Body Convertion
4. Best Coupe

The Art of Law 2013:
1. King Nominee
2. The Best Honda
3. The Best SUV
4. The Best Illuminator
5. The Best Elegant Interior
6. The Best Knockout Install
7. The Biggest Rims
8. The Best Cutting Sticker

EMMA HIN 2013:
1. 1st Master OEM
2. 2nd Master ESQL

Hot Import Nights 2013: 
1. The Best Mitsubishi
2. The Best Stick on Graphic

Medan Autofest 2:
1. 1st Place Drag Race Borju Class
2. The Best Racing
3. The Best Racing Interior

Jazz Tuning Contest 9 2013:
1. The Best Racing Bodykit
2. The Most People’s Choice

Maxtreme Autocontest 2013:
1. King Nominee
2. Hottest CarClub
3. Best Mitsubishi
4. Best Peugeot
5. Best Racing Bodykit
6. Best Body Convertion
7. Best Sticker Graphic
8. Best Elegant Interior
9. Best VIP
10. Best SUV
11. Best Sedan
12. Best Coupe
13. Hottest European
14. Owner With Attitude
15. SPL 1 sub juara 2
16. SPL 2 sub Juara 2
17. SPL Free Juara 2
18. SQL Juara 2

Accelera Auto Contest Medan 2013:
1. King Racing
2. King Nominee Racing
3. The Best Sponsor Racing Style
4. The Best Motorized Audio

Mechanical Auto Contest Surabaya:
1. 1st Master ESQL

EMMA QR2 2013:
1. 2nd Master ESQL
2. 3rd Master OEM

Solo Automotive Contest: 
1. King Nominee
2. Best Honda
3. Best Honda Jazz
4. Best Compact Car
5. Best Custom Bodykit

Venom Audio Contest 2013 (VMCG) Pluit Village: 
1. Best Sound Quality

Mantos Autocontest Manado 2013: 
1. Best Car Club Babes
2. Best City Car
3. Best Rookie Audio Design

Automaxx 2013: 
1. Best Illuminator
2. Best Acrylic Audio Design

Street Wize Autocontest Manado 2013: 
1. Best City Car
2. 2nd SQL
3. Best Headlamp

Trophy @ Banten AutoShow 2013:
1. Best Car Club
2. Best BMW
3. Best Peugeot
4. Best Audio Design Coupe
5. Best Interior Coupe
6. Best Cutting Sticker
7. Best Braking System
8. Best Custom Bodykit
9. Best Single Tuner
10. Best Plat Number
11. Best Audio Design Sedan
12. Best Undercarriage Sedan

Trophy @Eurofest 2013:
1. Motorized Master

Trophy @Medan AutoFest 2013:
1. Best Mercedes Benz

Trophy @Bandung Car Modification Contest 2013:
1. The Best Holden
2. The Best Ford
3. Hottest Australian Modified Car
4. Best PickUp
5. Best Alto Style
6. Road Scrapper
7. The Most Dirty Car

Trophy @Hot Import Nights 2012:
1. Best Peugeot
2. Dare To Be Different
3. Too Damn Low

Trophy @Djarum Black Dyno Attraction Roadshow 2012:
1. Best Interior
2. Best CityCar

Trophy @Tangerang Selatan Autofest 2012: 
1. King Nominee 2
2. Best Mitsubishi
3. Best Interior Elegant
4. Best Illuminator
5. Hottest In Car Entertainment
6. Best Saloon
7. Acrylic Actor

Trophy @Eagle Modified Contest 2012: 
1. Best Car Club
2. Best Honda
3. Best Sports Car
4. Best Coupe
5. Best City Car
6. Best Drag Look
7. Best Elegant Look
8. Best Street Racing Look
9. Best Illuminator
10. Best Custom bodykit
11. Best Driver Attitude
12. Best Gigantic Rims
13. Best Bachelor of Batch
14. Best Racing Interior
15. Best Elegant Interior
16. Road Scrapper
17. Best Rookie Sedan
18. Best Rookie SUV Compact

Trophy @Artomotive Trisakti 2012: 
1. Best Mazda
2. Motorized Master
3. Best Elegant Interior
4. Best Motorized Exterior
5. Best Motorized Audio

Trophy @Dream Car Contest 2012:
1.Motorized Master
2.Best Racing Look
3.Best Racing Interior
4.The Illuminator
5.The Best Elegant Interior
6.The Gigantic Rims
7.The Coolest Rims
8.The Best MPV
9.The Best VIP
10.Acrylic Actor

Trophy 1st Photo Contest 2012: 
1.Best Favourite Car (Odyssey-Jemsly Photograph)
2.Best Audio Design (Odyssey-Jemsly Photograph)
3.Best Engine Look (Genio-Jemsly Photograph)
4.Best Interior (Odyssey-Jemsly Photograph)

Trophy @Modificartion Community Gathering:
1.Best Honda
2.Most Luxurious Car
3.Best Racing Bodykit
4.Best Lowest Bodykit

Trophy @Bogor Auto Modified 2012:
1.King Nominee Racing
2.Best Cutting Sticker
3.Best Interior Racing

Trophy @Venom Contest Untar 2012:
1.The Damn of Venomous 3rd place SQL

Trophy @Gathering Nasional EGCI 2012:
1.Best Extreme

Trophy @West Java Automotive show 2012:
1.Best Drag Racing Style
2.Best Cutting Sticker

Trophy @Esa unggul 2012:
1.Best Audio Design Saloon

Trophy @automaxx2012:
1. The Best Car Club
2. The Best Super Car Club
3. Build to Perfection
4. The Best Elegant Interior
5. The Best Racing Interior
6. The Best Biggest Rims
7. The Best Smallest Rims
8. Glow in The Dark
9. Hottest Engine Bay
10. The Best N/A
11.The Illuminator
12.Best Classic Look Japanese
13.Best Racing Look
14.The Best Non Cabin audio
15.The Best Sporty Theme
16.The Most Creative Tuning
17.The Best MPV
18.Best VIP
19.Too Damn Low
20.Road Scrapper
21.The Best Mercedes-Benz
22.The Best Sticker Aftermarket
23.The Best Carbon Hood
24.The Best Rookie Honda
25.The Best Rookie Suzuki
26.The Best Fun SQL 1st 1Sub
27.The Best Fun SQL 2nd 2Sub
28.The Best Fun SPL 2nd 2Sub
29.The Best 3rd SQL
30.The Best 3rd SPL

Trophy @ABT 2011:
1. Best Mercedes-Benz

Trophy @Esa unggul 2011:
1. Best Car Club
2. Best Theme Club


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Intersport Auto Show  memasuki babak akhir sebelum World Stage, yaitu Intersport Auto Show Tangerang yang berlokasi di Q Big BSD City pada tanggal 22 September 2018. Pada event Intersport Auto Show Tangerang ini Nozzle Autoclub mengikut sertakan 6 mobil terpilih untuk mengikuti Auto Show dan belasan mobil untuk display car.   Ada beberapa member yang mengikuti rangkaian acara dari Intersport yaitu Rolling Thunder yaitu Nissan Xtrail, Mercedes Benz CLA, dan Mitsubishi Lancer EX.   Pada event Intersport Auto Show Tangerang ini Nozzle...

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Nozzle mengikuti event Auto Class Car Meet Up yang diselenggarakan oleh Russel Auto community pada tanggal 8 September 2018, berlokasi di Taman Burung Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. Pada event Auto Class Car Meet Up ini Nozzle hanya menurunkan 1 mobil yaitu Mercedes Benz E240 (W210) milik Hendrian.   Pada event Auto Class Car Meet Up 2018 ini Nozzle berhasil membawa trophy “Best Air...

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Nozzle at Patriot Otofest 2018

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Nozzle at Patriot Otofest 2018

Nozzle Autoclub mengikuti event Patriot Otofest 2018 yang diselenggarakan oleh Pajero Indonesia One pada tanggal 25 Agustus 2018 berlokasi di Summarecon Mall Bekasi. Pada event Patriot Otofest 2018 ini Nozzle Autoclub mengikutsertakan 3 mobil, yaitu Toyota Corolla Altis, VW Scirocco, dan Mercedes Benz E240 (W210).   Pada event Patriot Otofest 2018 ini Nozzle Autoclub berhasil membawa 4 Trophies yaitu: Best Toyota ( Altis – Anto ) Best Volkswagen ( Scirocco – George ) Best Rims ( Scirocco – George ) Best Elegant Style (...

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Nozzle Autoclub mengikuti event Just Fitment Enthusiast Fun Contest & Meet Up pada tanggal 18 Agustus 2018 berlokasi di Mitra Terrace Gatot Subroto Jakarta. Pada event Just Fitment ini Nozzle Autoclub mengikutsertakan 5 mobil yaitu Honda Civic FD2, VW Golf MK6, VW Scirocco, Mercedes Benz w210, dan BMW E46. Dari 5 mobil yang berpartisipasi pada event Just Fitment Enthusiast Fun Contest, Nozzle berhasil mendapatkan 16 Trophies, yaitu: Best Stance of the Show Best of the Best Wheels Perfect Euro Stance The Widest Wheels Red Car of the Show...

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Nozzle Autoclub mengikutsertakan 38 mobil pada event GIIAS Custom Modified dari total peserta yaitu sebanyak 80 mobil, event ini diselenggarakan pada minggu terakhir Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show yaitu pada tanggal 11 Agustus 2018 didepan hall 8,9, dan 10 Indonesian Convention Exhibition BSD City. Trophies yang berhasil didapatkan oleh Nozzle Autoclub pada Event GIIAS Custom Modified adalah sebagai berikut: 2nd Show Stopper 3rd Show Stopper Supreme Car Club Supreme Car Club Display Widest Duped Rims Slam Stance Maxi Stance...

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Nozzle Autoclub dengan JHL Custom Garage mengikuti event Indonesian Automodified Select 2.0 (IAM Select 2.0) yang diikuti Pada tanggal 7 dan 8 Juli di Q Big BSD City. IAM Select 2.0 ini merupakan bagian dari event The 2nd Indonesia Autovaganza untuk sektor kontes modifikasi, selain kontes modifikasi masih terdapat beberapa event lain seperti pameran kendaraan baru, sunmori, kontes modifikasi motor, lifestyle bazaar dan lainnya. Dalam Event ini Nozzle dan JHL Custom Garage mengikut sertakan 12 mobil untuk berpartisipasi pada event IAM Select...

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Pada Tanggal 1 Juli 2018 Nozzle Autoclub mengadakan Morning Run ke Pantai Indah Kapuk. Seluruh member yang dapat hadir berkumpul di The Flock Cafe jam 6 pagi, kemudian briefing mengenai rencana run hari itu. Setelah seluruh member berkumpul, morning run pun dimulai dengan rute Gading Serpong – Toll Jorr – PIK. Ketika sampai di PIK seluruh member berkumpul terlebih dahulu disebelah Tsu Chi untuk memastikan tidak ada yang tertinggal. kemudian konvoi menuju PIK 2 untuk sesi foto bersama     Morning run diakhiri dengan...

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Intersport Autoshow Tangerang diadakan di Flavor Bliss Alam Sutera pada Tanggal 14 April 2018. Acara ini merupakan Pre-event dari Intersport Auto contest yang akan diadakan pada semester ke-2 2018.  Dimana pada Intersport Autoshow  ini yang diutamakan adalah kekompakan dari club dalam mengikuti Community Challenge yang diadakan, diantaranya adalah VR Simulator, RC Drift, Pit Stop Challenge, Car Pull Challenge dan Out of the Box. Nozzle Autoclub berhasil memenangkan Juara 2 Community Challenge yang diikuti oleh 8 komunitas, selain itu Nozzle...

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Sirion with Love Car Contest 2018 merupakan event yang diselenggarakan oleh Sirion Indonesia Club chapter Tangerang, acara kontes ini diadakan di Mall Tangcity pada tanggal 11 Maret 2018. Pada acara kontes Sirion With Love Car Contest, Nozzle mengikutsertakan 20 mobil dari total peserta sejumlah 150 mobil. Meskipun sempat ada kendala ketika loading in kontes ini, tetapi pada saat berlangsungnya acara semua berjalan dengan lancar. Selain mengikuti kontes modifikasi, Nozzle pun turut berpartisipasi dalam mengikuti games Engine Rev Battle dimana...

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International Automodified ( IAM )Final Battle 2017 atau yang sebelumnya dikenal dengan nama Hot Import Nights, diadakan di Ecovention Ancol pada tanggal 25-26 November 2017. Peserta International Automodified ini berasal dari berbagai kota di Indonesia karena merupakan kontes penutup di tahun 2017 sehingga persaingan pun sangat ketat. Toyota Altis dari Nozzle ikut berpartisipasi dalam event ini, dan mendapatkan trophy Editor’s Choice Awards.  ...

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